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Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Tribute To A Good Friend

Hello Friends,
Sorry there is no card today, but it's been a sad and busy week.  I would, instead,  like to just tell you about a really good fur friend that passed away in his sleep on Monday.  His name was Bentley.  Have you ever seen a Bentley before?  It is one of THE MOST expensive, stylish, and unique cars on the road today.  It looks like this: 
Now, when we named our 3 cats, we knew they were all abandoned strays so why did we name them all after ultra-fancy cars?  Because we knew how valuable they were to us and how God blesses us humans with His creatures to make our lives special, fun, and really rich.  Well, here is our Bentley, the most precocious, sneaky, fun and cool cat ever:
 The picture below is my friend Ellen's artistic rendition of our big boy.  She created this amazing paper collage as a gift for us.  Thank you, Ellen.  You could not have captured him more perfectly in any other medium.
Thank you for allowing me to share our loss with you, and our gain as we were allowed to care for this beautiful boy for 12 years.
Goodnight, Bentley.


  1. Beautiful tribute and precious gift from ellen!

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss Barb! It's so hard to loose one of your furry family members.

  3. Barb, what you said about Bentley was beautiful. My heart goes out to you. While Bentley didn't "mingle" very much during stamp camps, I'll always remember him sitting in front of the door looking out. He was a sweet cat. I'm so sorry.


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